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In 2019 explorers will attempt to summit Mount Everest to create the biggest and most extreme classroom on the planet involving 4 MILLION STUDENTS worldwide.
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Our aim is to use Mount Everest to create the biggest and most extreme classroom on the planet. This will inspire students to think differently about life; the next generation have a unique opportunity to clearly understand their own responsibility towards the planet. This is the first time in exploration history where explorers can use the latest technologies to film and communicate with students globally to encourage in ‘real time’ to take them on an virtual expedition to help them to think differently about our home.

Mark Wood - 8848 Expedition Leader

Mark Wood

Through EDUCATION they will create unique and inspiring online lesson plans which will include short films created by the expedition team. In addition a joint venture with astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s education program will inspire students to look beyond Everest.

Visual Skype COMMUNICATION will link the explorers in real time from the mountain directly into the classrooms worldwide. Daily interactive social media updates will allow students to converse and exchange ideas with not only the explorers but with other students around the globe.

A PHYSILOGICAL experiment will collect the climbers data from the ascent into the “Death Zone” to measure their performance which will be accessible to all of the students on a daily basis.

Finally, a Four Million Voices DOCUMENTARY that the students will make will be shown on route through the valleys, monasteries, schools and villages that line the route to Everest - creating the highest cinema on earth as part of a major 8848 documentary.


At the very core of the expedition is the global educatIon programme.

We truly believe as explorers we have a responsibility and a commitment to inspire young minds to think differently about the planet.

SKYPE / MICROSOFT and LONELY PLANET will create exciting online lesson plans to bring the schools together.

Each school can register online with their own message of climate awareness.

These valuable statements will be projected throughout the expedition as part of the documentary FOUR MILLION VOICES.

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The explorers and students worldwIde wIll take part In one Global lesson to measure the physiological effects of the climbers heading into the “Death Zone” on Everest.

The explorers will be constantly monitored by Drayson Technologies on the mountain - measuring the pressures their bodies will undertake especially when working above 7,500 metres where the Oxygen levels are at 30%. The students will have daily access to these results.

The expedition team aim to use mount everest and the approach through the khumbu region as a live classroom - linking directly from the very extremes they will connect via skype into classrooms around the world.

Linking LIVE from the monasteries, LIVE from remote Nepalese schools and LIVE from the nal ascent of Mount Everest. Immersing the children in the culture of the region, the experience of challenge and exploration enabling them to work alongside the expedition team and be part of the team.

All achieved by working closely with INMARSAT, providers of the latest in communication equipment and support, to enhance the extreme learning experience.

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Astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s education program and Expedition 8848 will work together to create a competition for all of the schools and scout groups involved in the journey.

Each school or scout group will send in a reason why it is so important for the human race to venture to Mars along with a photograph of them jumping in the air. The competition is called “One Gigantic Leap” and the winners will receive an enormous floor map of the surface of mars including Mars mission modules. The announcement will be made at the summit of Mount Everest.

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Dustoff Films
Documentary Team

Patrick Bodenham
Patrick Bodenham

Base camp cameraman

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Chris Symes
Chris Symes

Remote cameraman

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Tom Martienssen
Tom Martienssen

Ascent cameraman

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Our Legacy

Bringing four million children around the world into one extreme learning experience.

Inspiring children to understand the issues we face with climate change through interactive online projects and real time extreme communication.

The ONE GLOBAL LESSON incorporating the Drayson Clean Air Project will create valuable data collected by schools around the world to highlight the pollution areas of the planet. This singular initiative is designed to encourage change and provoke action.

Regardless of creed, status or location 8848 is a modern day expedition to inspire young minds to think differently about their own planet – their home.


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We are proud to receive the support of three prominent figures who we feel embrace our ethos for the expedition.

Combining politics, environmental awareness and a rare humility for the planet.

Lord Paul Drayson
Lord Paul Drayson

Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy


"Expedition 8848 excites me because it creates an opportunity to bring about real change. Now, more than ever, we have a responsibility to educate the next generation and assist them in fully grasping the issues facing the planet – which we continue to destroy on a daily basis. In supporting the team, together, we can encourage the children of today to think differently about protecting the future of our collective home."

Dr Stephan Harrison
Dr Stephan Harrison

Climate Scientist

"Climate change is the planet’s physical response to our continued slow destruction of its ecosystems and pollution of its atmosphere and oceans. There is no reasonable scientific debate about this; only about how soon irreversible damage will occur. It is the young who will be faced with clearing up the planetary mess that our generation has left, and it is initiatives like Expedition 8848 which will educate them in the challenges we all face."


Suki Gallagher
8848 co-ordinator

Mobile: +44 (0) 7795 468826
Email: suki@sukigallagher.com